Papaya Salad

    Experience the vibrant flavors of our Papaya Salad, customizable to your preferred spice level. This refreshing dish combines crisp green…


      Neang Noeun Platter

      Includes: Papaya Salad Chicken wings Isan sausage Pork skin Noodle



        Discover the rich flavors of Nombajok, our traditional Cambodian rice noodle curry. This authentic Khmer dish features tender rice noodles…


          Salt and Pepper Shrimps

          Indulge in our salt and pepper deep-fried jumbo shrimp, a delectable seafood delight. Each shrimp is perfectly seasoned and fried…


            Cajun Shrimp Lollipops

            Enjoy our Cajun Shrimp on a Stick, a delightful shrimp lollipop grilled to perfection and smothered in rich Cajun sauce.…


              Chicken Sticks

              Savor the taste of our grilled chicken on a stick, a delicious and convenient meal option. Each skewer features tender,…


                Beef Sticks

                Indulge in our juicy and mouth-watering beef stick skewers. Each skewer features tender, marinated beef grilled to perfection, delivering a…


                  Egg Rolls

                  Enjoy the classic taste of our traditional egg rolls, perfectly golden and crispy fried. Each roll is filled with a…


                    Student Noodle

                    Savor our stir-fried student noodles, a versatile dish that comes with your choice of tender chicken or beef. These flavorful…


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